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Dr. Dennis Bogdan
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Dr. Dennis Bogdan [userpic]

To All.

If interested –

Seems that our very modest Letter To The Editor about "Progress" has been Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Newspaper after all. (See copy below.) (The Letter is also noted online on our Publications WebPage.)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Monday, December 8, 2008


“I greatly enjoyed Dimitri Vassilaros' column 'Shop till you drop' (Nov. 28 and PghTrib.com), which suggested that ‘wanting more’ encourages ‘progress.’

“Yes, but ...

“Apparently, for about 6 million years, mankind was confined to a relatively small area (northeastern Africa) of planet Earth. About 50,000 years ago, mankind seems to have wandered to other areas -- mostly to places that are colder. Mankind was able to survive these colder, less-hospitable climates by being clever -- it would seem.

“Currently mankind is planning, by again being clever, to wander out from Earth to the Moon, Mars and beyond -- mostly to places that are even more cold and even less hospitable.

“But is this march into the cold and the inhospitable ‘progress?’ Has ‘wanting more’ duped mankind into a colder, less-hospitable future? Are humans bright or are humans just naturally not very bright after all -- at least in terms of the overall scheme of nature and the universe?”

Dr. Dennis Bogdan

Actual Publication By Dr. Dennis Bogdan.



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